Help Ukrainian Refugees

Responding to the Need

Orphans International assist Romanian orphanages and Ministries near the border of Ukraine. From the start of the war the flow of refugees is increasing into Northern Romania. These families have fled from their homes & communities and need our help. We can help them with your generous support.

We need to buy Emergency Aid including food, medicine, support shelters housing people and fire wood for heating.

Please help us to help these Refugees.

The Trustees are always vigilant the funding is going into the right hands.We are working with teams on the ground that are known and trusted to us for over the past 20 years.

These are pictures of some refugees reaching the safety of an Orphanage we support. Arthur & his brother Levi and their Mother fled Ukraine the same day she gave birth. Arthur is now only 7 days old and safe and alive in North Romania in an orphanage.

Please assist us in giving hope for these families who have been through traumatic situations. They have left their husbands and sons fighting for their homeland.

We would be grateful for any amount of financial giving.

A small team from England will be going on the ground mid April and will Report back to you all of the updated situation.

Please follow the link. Thank you so much for your generosity.