Annabel Stoner

Annabel studied law and works in the Family Property Development Company based in Hove, Sussex. She has been working with Orphans and the Poor of Romania and Africa since 2002. She has taken numerous teams out to her projects since then and continues to fund raise in the UK to support this work.Her aim is to expand Orphans International bringing it to the forefront as a UK based charity helping more Orphans and Poor People in the world. Her desire to develop jobs for the Children she works with who are without and produce locally made products is next on her list of things to do. She will be bringing some of the Orphans over to the UK to live with her in Hove in the near future.

Founder and Trustee

Alex Stewart-Clark

Alex started his entrepreneurial life setting up companies in the distribution of Timber and Wood Manufacturing industries. He acts as Trustee for Dundas Foundation Edinburgh helping local communities and the underprivileged. This Foundation produced the Life of Christ play in Scotland 2005. Since then Alex has acted and assisted in 20 performances of this production the most recent when initiating the set up of Brightons Passion Play in 2011.He is also Trustee to the Philo Trust a vehicle that enables J John evangelist and writer to travel the world preaching the gospel through his talks. In his spare time he plays football and has been out on Humanitarian Aid Programmes to Romania,Croatia, Tanzania and Burkino Faso.


Yvonne Stoner

Yvonne runs her own Property Company in Sussex and lives 6 months in Hove, East Sussex and the remaining part of the year in Scottsdale, Arizona.She has been supporting her daughters work with Orphans,Widows and the Poor since 2002 and made her first trip to Romania staying at Hand of Help Orphanage in October 2011. Yvonne spends her spare time creating amazing oil paintings.


John Warner

John is an Accountant and Senior Partner of Friend-James Chartered Accountant Company.This company is a long established Four Partner Firm Of Chartered Accountants. John is married with 2 children and a committed supporter and sponsor of the Charity


Rev’d Sabina O’Connor-Willey

Rev’d Sabina O’Connor-Willey is a Chaplain who works with people in need in the community, she also works in a mens rehab and supported housing project as well as supporting Orphans International with fundraising. Sabina is a safeguarding officer and pastoral support worker within her church. Sabina believes you can never be to kind or show to much love to others, she has a heart for all and longs to give hope to the hopeless, by shining Jesus’ love everywhere she goes.Sabina has won a community champion award for support in the whole of the UK, helping communities, people in need and families with children with disabilities Rev’d Sabina O’Connor-Willey is a trained and certified Chaplain.