After Schools Project

After Schools Project

Food & A Future

Orphans International provides food and tutoring to disadvantaged children who, lacking parental support, find it difficult to cope at school.

There are many children in Botosani who go to school without food and any parental support at home due to their families going abroad for work, so their studies suffer making it difficult if not impossible for them to achieve educational excellence.

We believe that with sufficient nutrition, motivation, love and tutorial support, these children who struggle in school are able to achieve just as much as children raised in a supportive family setting. We believe that with sufficient resources the percentage of children pursuing higher education would significantly grow.

Oi has made it possible for 35 children to participate on the programme supervised by three qualified children social workers. From Monday to Friday they have attended our facilities for lunch and received after-school support with homework and tutoring as well as supervised free time playing games.